Meet Jo Ann Pugh

Jo Ann Pugh: The 50-Yard Line Mom®

Jo Ann Pugh, founder of 50–Yard Line Mom, is the mother and business manager of NFL veteran Jordan Pugh. She brings almost twenty years of experience in developing and managing her son's football ambitions that began in elementary school and developed into an NFL career with the Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins, and New Orleans Saints. Jo Ann is known throughout the professional football league as the NFL mom who can always be spotted on the sidelines wearing her son's jersey and cheering him on during pre–game warm–ups and during the games. Jo Ann and her husband Marshall have attended every game that Jordan has played since he was eight years old, which comes to over 200 games and counting. Jo Ann's motherly intuitions, wisdom, and dedication to Jordan's passion for football are what makes her the 50–Yard Line Mom that she is today.

Jo Ann grew up in rural Kentucky and was the oldest of four children to a teenage mom and very young father. She started working at the age of ten cleaning homes for her elementary school teachers and other families after school and on weekends to earn money. Despite her humble beginnings, Jo Ann is a living example of success through the prayers and support of those around her and her own personal drive and determination. She was one of only four African Americans in her 1977 high school graduating class and was elected Senior Class President. She was the first and only African American to–date to hold that honor at her high school alma mater. Jo Ann continued her education by working her way through college at the University of Kentucky (Lexington), where she earned a degree in Nursing. She later received a second degree in Business Management from The College of Mount Saint Joseph (Cincinnati, OH).

Jo Ann has become a well–respected and astute business woman. She has held various senior level and key leadership roles at major corporations, which include Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations. Jo Ann has also spoken to national audiences that have exceeded 1500.

Through Jo Ann's motherly advice and business management guidance, her son Jordan graduated from Texas A&M University in three and a half years with a degree from the school's College of Business. Jordan was drafted in the 6th round of the 2010 NFL draft. Within three years of playing professional football, Jordan founded his own company (Jordan Pugh Enterprises, LLC) and created his brand identity. In the midst of news reports about how professional athletes quickly blow through their earnings, Jo Ann is proud that her son owns his own home and is debt free after only a short time in the NFL. Jo Ann has often stated, “The NFL is a means to an end but it is not the end. The day you get drafted is the day you should start preparing for life off the field.” That philosophy and Jo Ann's high regard for hard work and success are reasons why many in the NFL call her “Mom.”

The 50–Yard Line Mom role that Jo Ann plays in her son's football career extends well into the life of her daughter Dominique, a student at Texas A&M University and intern at the school's Athletic Department. Dominique is majoring in Sport Management and Communications and plans to attend law school, where she intends to focus on Sports and Entertainment Law.

Jo Ann and her husband Marshall reside in Plano, Texas.