“As chaplain for two professional sports teams, I encourage athletes to look holistically at their lives and assess where they are and why they are there. Jordan grew up with this guidance both at home and as a young member of my congregation. He understands his moral, social, personal, and professional responsibilities and how his gifts can make a difference in the lives of others.” - Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church, Dallas,Texas


Jordan stands on the shoulders of two great-great-uncles who dared to dream. One was Buster Clarkson, a prominent baseball player who enjoyed a long career in the Negro Leagues. The other was Marcus Clarkson, a military pilot who was one of the famed Tuskegee Airmen – the first group of African American military pilots who fought during World War II. Jordan's work ethic of striving for excellence and living with purpose are family values passed down from those before him who dared to dream and make a difference.

Whether supporting a United Way community event, mentoring a high school student-athlete, or visiting kids at a hospital, Jordan understands the importance of giving back and helping others. That is also why he established the Pushing Upward. Going Higher.® (PUGH) Award at his high school alma mater. The award recognizes a student-athlete who has demonstrated academic excellence, outstanding leadership, and high moral character.

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