50–Yard Line Mom®

50–YARD LINE MOM® is a women's organization that provides education and support for mothers of athletes at all levels of sports, including high school, college, and professional. A universal truth is that “Mom” is the center of gravity for all aspects of a child's life, and that includes the child's participation in sports. So our mission is simple – to share insights and advice that will have a significant influence on the development of your child throughout his or her sports journey. Key services of the 50–Yard Line Mom® organization include: workshops, seminars, and tools to help you navigate effectively through the complex world of sports; customized consulting for individuals and organizations; motivational speaking; event organizing and management for athletic departments, booster clubs, and other sports–related entities; and networking opportunities.

Jo Ann Pugh, founder of 50–Yard Line Mom®, is mother and business manager of NFL veteran Jordan Pugh. She brings almost twenty years of experience in developing and managing her son's football ambitions from elementary school to his NFL career with the Carolina Panthers, Washington Redskins, and New Orleans Saints. Jo Ann's commitment to Jordan's dreams and attendance at his 200+ football games from grade school to the NFL have made her the 50-Yard Line Mom® that she is today. Read More about Jo Ann Pugh